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Private Investigation Training

Preparing PI's for the present and future, while maintaining, fulfilling the standards of the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act, 2005.

Stealth Private Investigations and Court Agent Services (Stealth) has had the privilege engaging in the new professional training standards, now law, initiated by the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act of Ontario 2005. (PISGB 2005)

It's an exciting but serious undertaking in training the private sector. Stealth Investigations and Court Agent Services has made the commitment to train new investigators according to standard, as the legislation requires all PI's to take an approved course and successfully completing the curriculum. Stealth Investigations will provide a well earned certificate to successful candidates and notify the PISGB of their success. This will allow the student to write the private investigators exam, currently priced at 60 dollars. (this is approximate and may vary by area or changed without notice by PISGB) The exam is just over an hour; students will be prepared for this exam upon successfully completing the Stealth program.

Mr. Moore looks forward to teaching and mentoring PI students, whatever their level of skill or previous training while continuing the ongoing investigative business of Stealth. Although the PISBG has provided a curriculum standard that must be followed, Mr. Moore will be teaching and practically demonstrating the hands on skills undercover, surveillance investigators will require. We will ensure our students understand and know the law to the letter relating to this field, ensuring they are a valuable asset to the firm or firms worked for.

Sometimes knowledge can be incredibly dangerous in the private sector if the law behind techniques are not known. The penalty can quickly end a career but more concerning, open the door to criminal charges which could result in heavy fines or even incarceration. Stealth students will be confident but also expected to continue to study their art, as private investigation is a field that has a never ending lesson plan. We must be vigilant to remain current. Stealth embraces this opportunity and enjoys sharing in maintaining integrity in a challenging occupation.

With a solid grounding of law and course requirements set out by the PISGB, students, under the careful eye and teaching of Mr. Moore, will be introduced to this partial outline of the course:

  1. All elements in surveillance: overt, covert, static, mobile.
  2. Technical Surveillance: audio, video and physical monitoring equipment. (some equipment will be demonstrated and used by students in training)
  3. Counter-Surveillance
  4. Disguises
  5. Obtaining information from residues.
  6. introduction to document fraud and writing analysis.
  7. Specialized forms of investigation
  8. Undercover Investigations
  9. Sources of Information
  10. Background Inquires.
  11. Evidence Collection
  12. Courtroom decorum
  13. Interviewing Suspects and Witnesses
  14. Detecting Deception: Students will be introduced to this tremendous science, but encouraged to follow-up with extra training. Stealth will offer some training but will also promote a specific course for interested students.

  15. Non-verbal Cues/ Communication
  16. Putting it all together: THE REPORT


A course for interest, or a job you might work part-time while working in your present occupation. Wages generally range from 17 dollars to 35 plus dollars per hour depending on the company, pi's experience and case involved.

  • Offering a legislated accredited private investigation course, (fully opearational investigation pi firm and training entity for the provinces act-psisa2005)

  • INCLUDING A HANDCUFFING COMPONENT AND BATON TRAINING, AT THE END OF THE COURSE FOR THOSE INTERESTED. Dates discussed during the course. (extra cost and handcuffs must be purchased on your behalf by Stealth, unless in the industry or owns professional grade handcuffs-ie. Smith and Wesson or Peerless)

  • An extensive course providing skills and training that will assist you in the field and recognized by those in the industry.

  • Online pi courses serve a purpose but they do not compare to interaction in the classroom, field exercises, hands on experience with covert equipment and learning how to use covert equipment-pinhole camera placement; remote access, gps tracking etc.

  • Most important students leave the course with an understanding of the law to protect themselves and/or the company they might work for.

  • Passing this course and exam allows the candidate to write the ministry exam, serta, (driving training centre near you for times and dates)

  • Textbook and materials provided. if you have a personal camera or equipment you would like assessed for the field, please bring the items to class on the day designated.

  • Stealth has the right to refuse students or remove students-all students will respect the facility, other students, including teaching staff.

  • A csi component from a 30 year veteran of police services will provide students practical applications.

  • The course is engaging and no background or previous experience is necessary-taking the course does not guaratee any student a passing grade at the ministry or a job within the industry. (positive note-the private sector is a growing industry)

  • Stealth investigations has been a member in good standing at the chamber of commerce for close to ten years.

  • A guest trainer serving in a police capacity and remains there who worked intelligence flying in the middle east on police efforts and working in scotland with the scotland yard.

Stealth is the only known course including a CSI component introduced by a veteran identification officer from Police Services’ Students will be shown fingerprinting, how to locate and lift fingerprints, forensic anthropology along with multiple CSI type techniques one could use in the field.

Students will also experience a practical scenario learning surveillance techniques out in the field. Students will also be taught and expected to know Provincial Offences that relate to their field.

We refer you to the PISGB website to answer common questions concerning training.
PSISA Training/ Testing FAQ's

50 hours in class plus outdoor activities. This will include practical demos and field work. Students should bring appropriate outdoor clothing. (jackets, hats, gloves etc)

Congratulations to those students who successfully completed 70 hours of intensive training with Stealth on the January and the recent April course. All students did extremely well and we were incredibly proud of the effort put in. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours in the pi field. I am thrilled I was fortunate enough to be part of your new beginnings or continuing career.

Peter Moore

Course Date:

Course Location:

Air Force Club 274 King Street, Peterborough, ON K9J 2S2 or
at a local hotel conference centre, depending on our maximum size.

Please call 705-748-6544 or e-mail for course details!

A minimum of 10 students is required for the course to proceed. Stealth reserves the right to cancel the course if this minimum is not achieved.

Course Cost:

To register complete the prescribed form below and send to Stealth Investigations (att: PI training) 240 Milroy Drive, Peterborough, Ontario. K9H 7M9.

A deposit is required to secure your position. Please enclose a certified cheque or money order in the amount of $200 DOLLARS WITH YOUR REGISTRATION, THE REMAINING 500 DOLLARS PRIOR TO THE COURSE START. Students will receive a receipt for course costs and certificate upon successful completion. IF STUDENT PARTICPATION IS LOW, THE COURSE WILL BE CANCELLED AND MONIES REFUNDED. PREFERABLLY A CHEQUE TO STEALTH INVESTIGATIONS. No refund one month prior to the course start date.

Student Consent and Release of Liability Form

Second Career funding is available for students that qualify

STEALTH INVESTIGATIONS, LOCATED IN PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO, NOW 10 YEARS IN OPERATION, IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY FORMER POLICE DETECTIVE PETER J. MOORE - TORONTO AND PETERBOROUGH POLICE SERVICES. We are proud of our reputation and the solid success we have had in providing a service well used by local law firms, companies and private citizens. We are a member in good standing with the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.


Dear Pete

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you both for the time and effort you so obviously put into making the PI course given by Stealth Investigations a success. Your professionalism and expertise, coupled with your enthusiasm and down to earth approach made all the sessions absorbing - even when you were talking about the law which can be painfully dry.

I really appreciated the way you drew on your personal experiences to illustrate many of the teaching points as this made them easy to understand and more memorable. I understand the course is still evolving and want to commend you on your initiative to incorporate the rare opportunity to have a session with a CSI which I found particularly interesting.

Your willingness to go the extra mile by bringing in examples of your own equipment to provide advice and to include items not 'required' by the curriculum but vital for a well-rounded PI is really indicative of your true desire to ensure your students get the best possible training to embark on their new careers.

A+ all round. Thank you for truly making me feel a part of the Stealth team even if it was only for a short time.


Rick J. M. Bellville, Ontario

Thank you for providing this course. I'm sure we are all pleased to have had the opportunity to have such a professional team concerned enough to provide this training service and at a reasonable enough rate as to not take unfair advantage of peoples financial resources.

I look forward to having the opportunity to interact with your company again in the future and provide service to the industry as part of the investigative network.

With Best Regards,

David N. (Beaverton)

What an amazing course. The instructor (Peter), is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The course content not only consists of everything you need to know in order to pass the ministry exam but gives the new and experienced private investigator alike, some great insight into other facets of the business. One session is dedicated to in-field surveillance and another was dedicated to forensics as presented by a career forensics officer. The entire course is interesting and invaluable to anyone who is serious about making this field a career choice.

Ted W.

I registered for the Private Investigation Course with some trepidation, not sure if I would be able to handle the large volume of information that would be required for achieving certification. Having some training as a peace officer and also having read the daunting curriculum for the PI course, as outlined by the Ontario government, I knew I would need to work very hard if I was going to absorb all the information and learn all the rules and regulations.

Using a variety of teaching techniques, which included lectures, videos, class discussions, and hands-on training, the instructor of the Stealth PI Course, Peter Moore, walked through the material systematically, assisting everyone in understanding many of the facets of private investigation work that would be required to write the exam successfully and prepare the students for work in this field. In addition, the supplies of textbooks, resource materials, and guest lecturers were invaluable to the learning experience.

Even with the knowledge I already had from my previous employment, I found that I was learning new things every day. It was obvious to me that the training team at Stealth Investigation were passionate about their work and had a high level of ethic, which I believe is essential for PI work.

There is no doubt in my mind that the training I received, as well as the resources and the class experience were of excellent value and well worth the cost for taking the course.

Arthor O. Peterborough

As a former Private Investigator returning to the field, I was surprised in how much had changed in the industry regarding legislations and licensing since I left in 2000. Even though I had many years of surveillance experience, I learned new and exciting things each and every day. The course covered the mandatory material and then some, while remaining engaging and fun. Everyone at Stealth was knowledgeable in the field with excellent teaching skills and strategies and above all, they were friendly and approachable. I am now back in the field full time and realize how much I missed it. I thank you for a great course and new friends. I would, and do, recommend Stealth’s PI training course to anyone interested in entering or returning to the field. Thank you all very much for all your help and guidance.

Cy S. Oshawa, ON