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To Whom it May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to everyone at Stealth Private Investigations & Court Agent Services. To begin with your level of compassion and empathy toward my predicament and difficulties in obtaining regular, if any, child support payments really emphasized the human factor with regard to my "case". In other words, I didn't feel like I was simply another case to you or organization, but a person in the community who really needed help, which in a society as fast-paced and centred around money as ours, gets lost in translation more times than not.

Your level of professionalism and your degree of involvement in the case truly takes the word "commitment" to a level far surpassing that of an average person. My case was not a simple one that could be neatly tidied up after a couple of days of implementing various investigative techniques, but instead entailed patience, creativity and a degree of thoroughness that is inspiring.

I am very grateful to you and your team for your commitment to seeing my case through and for your words of encouragement throughout the ups and downs along the way. You are a talented and gifted group of people and I will always be thankful for the day that I chose to call and acquire your help. I truly do not believe that I would have received all the help and the end result from any other organization than your own. We are very fortunate to have an organization such as yours providing such a high level of services.


An Indebted Community Member of the Kawarthas

On behalf of our family

I spoke to Peter yesterday and explained how pleased I was that we had the both of you working on our case. You helped save with Peter our daughter's future, we will always be indebted to the both of you. Thank You!


Christena Schieck

Life Saver

Helloooo Peter!

You are a life saver. I truly can not thank you enough for all of the work that you have done for me. That was my first experience being pulled over (or dealing with the police at all) and it truly was so horrible for me especially under my circumstance. To know that you fought for me and that there are amazing people like you brings back my faith that the police really are looking out for me.

The fine that was given to me was a lot of money and thank you so much for representing me and bringing down the fine so much. The support that you have given me is the best gift of all. That officer made me feel so belittled and alone in a very fragile time To have you make a stance for that not being acceptable was so empowering for me. I can't thank you enough for that, I really really needed it.

Thank you again, you are such an amazing person. It's difficult to describe what a difference it has made for you to have turned that night into a reality where I feel safe and supported. It may feel small to you but for where I am at in my life it has made a tremendous difference.


My gratitude is overwhelming

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your willingness to be of assistance to myself, my son, and my family at this time. I cannot adequately express the comfort that I feel in knowing that you will be looking out for us. I'm somewhat at a loss for words, but please know that my gratitude is overwhelming.

With Kind Regards,

A client, Greater Toronto

This news is as uplifting

Hi Peter! ( email received 2010 ) I am pleased to say that we were successful in the pursuit to have the children returned. It is my understanding that all three children were brought home on Friday. I am happy to say that the Judge was very fair, and that the Order was a good one.

I think that ******** or a family member, will be contacting you in order to discuss implementation of some of the security measures discussed.

Thank you so much for your help with this matter, I really think your report made all the difference. I appreciate that you took the time to assist, and that you did so very willingly. I know ********** is very grateful, and I am sure there were three happy little people returning home to her. I was really lucky to have your help with this, and I am most grateful for that. As I said, you are really paying it forward as your assistance really did make a difference.

I hope this news is as uplifting for your day as it was for mine, it really made me happy to know that we are moving forward on this!

Thanks again for all of your help,

A legal client, Ontario.

Turks & Caicos


(A respected International Lawyer from the British West Indies, victim of a serious indentify theft contacted Peter Moore as she was victim By explaining the matter through phone calls and internet emails only, the case was solved and turned over to the Ontario Provincial Police for police action. The investigation sent Moore into bars, taverns, hotels across southern Ontario)

Dear Peter,
I am extremely pleased with your follow ups. At least we know where we stand presently. I have contacted the Detective working on the matter in Turks & Caicos. He is off island until sometime next week. I will be hot on his heel by then.

Hello Peter,
apologies for the long silence. We just resumed from a long weekend and I had no access to internet. Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. I truly remain grateful.

The police here contacted me last week to inform me that the matter is now with the Ontario Police.

Hello Peter,

It's been a while and I thought I would let you know that my experience was a lifetime rewarding and kick in the butt experience. I was browsing the internet yesterday and I came across the training course that you and fellow instructors will be taking part in. If I had of known about the course earlier I would have for sure been there with the $508 :) I would just like to thank you for continuing to make Peterborough a polite, rewarding and safe town to live in. I think that the course will give the serious people a feeling for what the real deal is. It will give them opportunity to seek what they actually want to do, accomplish and help those who already know. I would just like to say thank you for your hard work, effort and respect for the community. Cheers. And maybe there will be another training course in the near future

Yours truly,
A community member, Peterborough, Ontario.