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Special Services

Security sweeps

Security sweeps of meeting rooms or areas in which discussions are confidential or highly classified can be implemented before the meetings take place. This will ensure that your discussions stay private from nosey people who look to invade your space.

WITH A PHONE CALL TO A NUMBER OF SPY STORES, ANYONE CAN HAVE IN THEIR POSSESSION DEVICES GENERALLY USED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR INVESTIGATORS FOR A LAWFUL PURPOSE. Wireless gadgets are being found in clocks, smoke detectors, in almost anything. President Peter Moore is concerned as to where these cameras are being installed for illegal purposes.

  • School locker rooms
  • public washrooms
  • hotel rooms etc...

    Anyone with an instruction manual and a wireless camera could install a camera or other device in a selected area, sit outside with a laptop 300 feet away and observe your meeting in full colour and sound.

    Stealth Investigations can sweep for

  • the typical RF signal
  • Wireless Phone line tap detection
  • Wireless CCTV (hidden cameras)
  • Laser taps detection
  • laser tapping prevention using a white noise generator
  • Tapping Detection on Multi-line or single line digital phones.
  • Vehicle tracking by picking up the cell phone signal.
  • Hear wireless open microphones to pinpoint the location of any voice tapping

    Crime Scene Animation:

    Mr. Peter Moore can also develop 3D crime scenes, using realistic models of all kinds. Mr. Moore can show trajectory angles and re-create the sound of a gun. Numerous models of many weapons and other articles are in the 3D library with more models being developed each day.

    In a criminal trial, inquest or civil case, Mr. Moore has observed how attentive members of the court respond as the animation is played. It truly can be a 'shock and awe' campaign, not to intimidate, but to SHOW the truth. For those who have retained Mr. Moore's service they will have a copy for life and a backup will be retained at the office for 5 years. VHS, DVD, CD.

    Please speak with Mr. Peter Moore concerning your crime scene diagramming and and accident investigations (Level four recon-awaiting upgrading courses at IPTM Florida). Mr. Moore is extremely fair in the cost of this company's services. You will find that Mr. Moore has lowered his hourly rate 20-35 dollars less than his competitors. Our community needs this type of service, along with the many other areas of investigation Stealth Private Investigation prides itself in. Efforts will be made to help you and your needs.