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Peter J. Moore

Peter J. Moore, the President and owner of Stealth Private Investigations has been a member of the Metro Toronto Police Service, starting in August 1982, at the age of seventeen. He was the youngest Police Cadet ever hired by the service, therefore able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and experience in policing allowing a second career, Stealth Private Investigations and Court Agent Services. Mr. Moore spent seven years with the Toronto Police, returning to his home town of Peterborough, Ontario, where he was accepted as 'local boy returns home.' Mr. Moore left Metro to immediately join the Peterborough Police Service. (Now entitled, 'Peterborough-Lakefield Community Police Service)

Early in Mr. Moore's police career while serving the public of Toronto as a 'Police Cadet,' colleagues who were fully trained Constables made this remark. "Take every course the police service offer and any other course outside of the service you can handle." This was taken to heart by Mr. Moore therefore before turning 21 yrs of age when he would attain the status of Police Constable, he was assigned to work detective offices, many different divisions, and was allowed to ride with Training Officers on the streets of Toronto. (Much knowledge and experienced was acquired before attending the Ontario Police College, where the formal training commenced.)

Peter MOORE, once trained, was sent to 51 Division, (Dundas and Parliament) one of the toughest divisions of Toronto. During his second week with his training partner he received a commendation for apprehending a fleeing fugitive who had shot a patron in the 'Ben Wicks' Tavern on Parliament Street. The suspect fled on Parliament Street and Moore after quickly exiting the passenger side of the police vehicle pursued the suspect two blocks. MOORE took down the suspect, making the arrest, who had pulled the 9mm Beretta pistol (fully loaded) on Constable MOORE. No shots were fired and all involved recovered. It was later learned that the gunman was on his way home to murder his wife and two children. This seemed to launch Peter MOORE's career on the fast-track.

Mr. MOORE continued at '51 Division', and West Traffic Unit during his 7 years with Toronto, but also trained in other areas of police work. He worked closely with the officers that began the Accident Reconstruction program for Ontario which was broadened by two Metro Officers throughout Canada and were widely accepted in North America. Peter MOORE had the privilege of working side by side with these supervisors, learning this science. (Look under Accident Reconstruction or other services for details)

Mr. MOORE left Toronto in May 1989 to join his hometown police service; The Peterborough Police Service. Peter's career truly was quickened in Peterborough attaining the rank of Detective-Constable before the age of 30. Mr. MOORE worked with an eight member team and was the lead investigator on homicides, major crime of all kinds. The variety of work has been so helpful to his clients in other private investigative agencies where he was the 'Director of Operations,' and certainly has already shown Stealth's clients that experience is the backbone to solving the diversified needs of those that retain this service.

While working in the detective office, Mr. Moore was reassigned to the 'Intelligence Branch' as he has developed reliable information through informants. This information was required to be kept entirely confidential and cannot be discussed, but allowed Mr. Moore to work with the FBI out of Washington, and major crime units across Canada. The information acquired led to arrests and intelligence information still used today. This exposed Mr. Moore to becoming acquainted and skilled in the area of surreptitious and high end surveillance tactics, electronically or standard foot and car approaches.

During Mr. Moore's police career, he has been accepted and remains accepted as an Expert Witness in the area of Accident Reconstruction and Forensic Animation in all court levels; minor traffic court, accident court, Criminal Court of Canada, Civil Court. Mr. Moore was also earned status as a Breathalyzer Technician for Ontario being trained out of the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto. Mr. MOORE testified in the Criminal Courts of Canada and was involved a major case law decision concerning the set-up and testing of the Borkenstein Breathalyzer Models 900 and 900A. Over his career, Mr. MOORE collected approximately 800 Breathalyzer samples from arrested persons and close to 400 alcohol influence evaluations.

Mr. Peter Moore has over 20 years experience in the following areas:
  • Uniform Patrol- foot patrol, motorcycle and general patrol car.
  • Hand-picked by the Chief of Police, Kevin McAlpine to be part of the first organized tactical unit in Peterborough. (Peter Moore spent 7 years on this team involved in weapon calls, high-risk search warrants of all types, entries, hostage negotiation and emergency planning, training with specialized units throughout Ontario, including the Toronto Emergency Task Force.)
  • Selected as a TRAINING OFFICER for new recruits starting in police services and those sent for ride-alongs from local community colleges. Mr. Moore has also taken the role of Director of a Police Foundations program in Toronto where teaching and mentoring was 90 percent of his responsibilities.
  • Regularly was involved in teaching regular members and senior officers in the areas of Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Animation, Crime Scene Preservation. Mr. Moore also gave numerous presentations to the community and for security and private investigation companies.
  • Peter Moore, throughout his entire career took a strong interest in Accident Reconstruction and later how it related to Forensic Animation. Mr. Moore spent over 10 years acquiring the training and the courtroom experience to be considered by the courts, 'An EXPERT WITNESS' in the field of Accident Reconstruction. Mr. Moore has always kept current in his fields of expertise including general investigation, so vital to a private investigation firm.

Mr. Moore has also been accredited as a commissioned pastor within the Baptist Convention of Ontario of Quebec after taking on the role of senior pastor of a local church, completing almost two years of a three year degree entitled, 'Master of Divinity' (Pastoral Track)

Mr. Peter Moore has been in numerous papers, and accumulated many commendations from both police services. Peter has kept almost 50 letters of thanks from members of the community for serving them in different capacities.

Mr. Peter Moore, once leaving police services, trained security teams, taught police foundations and directed their program and worked as a Director of Operations for a busy Private Investigation firm in southern Ontario. During his time with this southern firm, many complicated cases were solved including investigating a civil case which led to Mr. Moore providing testimony which concluded with his client being awarded 350,000 dollars in damages as a result of psychological trauma. Many domestic cases were won; the true 'Cheaters' show without the television crew.

Mr. Moore can professionally and compassionately, care for your investigative need.

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Haitian Humanitarian Assistance and Relief

Peter Moore lives and works in Peterborough, his hometown. He is a former-Rotarian and a veteran of HHART 1 & HHART 2. He will also participate in HHART 3. His role in HHART 4 is Field Team Leader and “Fixer” (problem solver). Professionally, after almost 20 years as a police officer with the Toronto and Peterborough police services, Peter operates his own private investigation firm. He is also a professor at Loyalist College. Peter is single and has three adult children. He enjoys most sports but is especially fond of hockey. His other hobbies include motorcycling, weight training and playing the guitar. His company, Stealth Private Investigative and Court Services, sponsors two fatherless Haitian children, Carlos and Anbioli, whom you will likely meet during HHART 3.