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Al Schmidt

Al Schmidt is a recently retired 34 year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police. Most of his police experience is involved with criminal investigations. Most recently he was a member of the OPP/AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) Investigation Unit in Toronto, where his investigations included: OLG Lottery, Liquor Licence, Casino, Charitable Gaming and Internet Gaming Investigations.

In 1982, Al began his police career at the Northumberland OPP Detachment located in #3 Burlington District. There he was assigned to general and traffic duties. In a short period of time he realized his potential in criminal investigations and he was assigned to the #3 District Crime Unit where he investigated bench mark crimes.

In 1988 he voluntarily transferred to the Minaki Detachment #17 District. This was a 3 year northern posting for the OPP. Al continued to develop his criminal investigative skills with a wide variety of serious benchmark crime investigations and police investigation courses.

In 1991 he was transferred to the Brighton Detachment Central Region. Within a year he was promoted to Detective Constable and was assigned to the Central Region Crime Unit. Over the next 10 years he gained invaluable criminal investigation experience as Northumberland OPP Detachment Lead Fraud Investigator, Warkworth Institution Pen Squad Investigator, and a bench mark crime investigator.

In 2001 Al was assigned to the OPP/AGCO Investigations Unit in Toronto.

He currently holds an Ontario Private Investigators Licence.

Technical Skills

Computer Skills: Social Media Profiling, OSINT - Open Source Intelligence, Cell Phone and PC Data Recovery, PING location, Internet Gaming Certificate, Computer-related Investigations.


  • AGCO/OPP Courses: Lottery, Liquor, I-gaming, Casino and Gaming Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations, Major Case Management, Fraud, Sexual Assault
  • Search warrant, Investigative interviewing and interrogation, etc.
  • Breathalyzer Technician, Coach Officer, Marine Operator, Driving Courses
  • Casino Money Laundering, Loan Sharking
  • 2017 - Ontario Private Investigators Licence
  • Social Media Profiling
  • OSINT - Open Source Intelligence
  • Cell Phone and PC Data Recovery
  • PING location
  • Internet Gaming Certificate
  • Numerous Computer Investigation courses


  • Detective Constable, OPP/AGCO Investigations Unit - 2001 to 2016
  • AGCO Lottery Licence, Liquor Licence, Application Review, Due Diligence Investigations
  • Charitable Gaming Investigations
  • Deloitte-OLG Historical Retailer Wins Lottery Investigation
  • Chung $25 million Lottery Fraud/Theft
  • CNIB Lottery Fraud
  • KPMG Bingo Fraud
  • Major Lottery Win Group Investigation - $50 million - Bombardier, Bell, Powco
  • I Gaming Investigations

  • Detective Constable, OPP Central Region Crime Unit - 1991 to 2001
  • Lead Investigator - Gates Homicide, Richardson Attempt Murder, Warkworth Institution-Moore Escape, Via Train Incident-Brighton
  • Northumberland OPP Detachment - Lead Fraud Investigator
  • Warkworth Institution Pen Squad Investigator

  • Detective/Provincial Constable, Northumberland, Minaki and Norfolk Detachments - 1982 to 1991
  • 3 District Crime Unit
  • 3 District Crowd Control Unit
  • 17 District Association Rep
  • Islington First Nations Territory Liaison Officer
  • Coach Officer
  • Minaki Lodge Arson


  • Province of Ontario Volunteer Service Award - 2001
  • Police Exemplary Service Medal - 2007
  • 20 years and 30 years Service bars - 2002, 2012
  • Ontario Public Servant Quarter Century Club - 2007
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario - 15 year Service - 2016