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Social Media Remote Surveillance
Data Recovery Process Serving

  • The device is provided to sr investigator
  • A courier is arranged
  • A thumbdrive or bigger will contain all the data needed
  • A backup is produced and kept for 30 days
  • A static free, clean room is utilzied for all data recovery

  • Inexpensive
  • Fast often same day service
  • Locate difficult subjects
  • High success rate
  • Ten years of referrals on tough locates
  • Overwatch GPS Tracking EXTENSIVE Criminal Background Checks

  • Live tracking-worldwide
  • Leaders in using GPS tracking
  • Safety, Security, Compliance, Protection
  • GPS Devices For sale
  • fleet, personal, family safety, children or investigative

  • Results in 24 hour to 36 hours
  • For Employment, Reference checks, Sports, etc
  • Corporate to Relationship-Online Dating Verifications