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Stealth Investigations has been successfully handling infidelity investigations since the company was started. We understand and sympathise with all clients who call the office. You are embarrassed, humiliated, angry and often confused. Your case will be dealt with in complete confidentiality, without fear of judgment or uncomfortable questions. At Stealth we are here to assist and help you move forward. Many of our clients simply desire the proof to assist in personal closure, gain the confidence of family members that infidelity is an issue. Often a parent wishes to hold the evidence to allow their children to one day understand why a relationship ended.

Although some find this intrusive, many of our clients felt the need to background their future partner prior to marriage, a more permanent living arrangement, bringing a partner into a home where children are present etc. Our investigators can complete a simple surveillance investigation providing photographs and video or enter into an intensive background check along with high end surveillance. Our clients receive a package that include a bound investigative report, photographs within the report and a DVD of all video footage relevant to the case. Parents concerned about their children's future partner, can give Stealth a call. We will discretely background this potential partner to give you peace of mind. In today's day and age where fraud and corrupt intentions are so prevalent, Stealth Investigations is here to help. Investigators are trained to be the best at what we promote.....gathering intelligence in a covert fashion.

The cost of these investigations is in direct proportion to the type of package required. Stealth Investigations charges an hourly rate but will make every effort to discount billings when able or work together with our client on a package type proposal. All investigations will be drafted out in a letter of engagement. If the client agrees with the letter of engagement which includes pricing, will sign it back to Stealth Investigations.

NOTE: Stealth Investigators have undertaken cases where the client was never met. If you are uncomfortable and willing to work by internet, phone and possibly a delivery service, we are happy to oblige. You do not have to meet the investigator although we hope you will. Providing Stealth can verify your true identity and the case is legitimate, we will work by updates only. Some cases, due to distance have been solved by email and package delivery only.


Stealth Investigations has the ability to run complete background checks on a subject(s)
This may be necessary for employment purposes, volunteer work, activities an adult is dealing with children in a coaching role, teaching role, etc.

Stealth is pleased to undertake a complete background check and interview a potential employee. We promote cognitive interviewing along with confirming the complete background of a candidate; family life, personal interests, social networking, any police involvement, confirmation of education and validation of courses taken.

Often combined with these types of checks is becoming involved in conflict resolution within the workplace or other environment. Employers may require an independent party with a strong investigative/interviewing background to help resolve workplace conflict or backup and assist an employer in the dismissal of an employee.

Truly an important aspect in today's environment when false allegations occur over a legitimate dismissal. In matters where there have been internal theft, fraud, etc., interviewing and investigative protocol can be lifesaver for an employer. Stealth Investigations will provide the client with the security that they have the backing of an independent investigative body, ensuring that matters were dealt with fairly, properly and above all, legally, helping to avoid civil suits or Human Rights Complaints.


Stealth Investigations will attend your home, cottage, business, or any place required to evaluate the security of the premises. We will inspect the property and prepare and complete evaluation on the positive aspects and recommendations to upgrade certain areas if necessary. Stealth Investigations will report our findings to your insurance company, anticipating reduced premiums in the steps implemented. It is always hoped the property does not require any upgrades and a letter would be written to that affect.

Stealth Investigations will also recommend and install PINHOLE or overt cameras to help "Catch a Thief" whether internal, by break in or otherwise. Stealth has had great success in setting up a covert pinhole camera investigations which has led to arrests and assisted in determining internal theft in a very difficult business to monitor; cash bars.

Stealth will also recommend and install overt cameras to assist in overall crime prevention. Most cameras can be hooked directly into your internet allowing you access to the camera views at anytime. Great for checking on rental properties, employees while working, other items of value that you cannot regulate due to distance.

What to expect when calling Stealth Investigations: Speaking with the Investigator.

Written by Peter J. Moore. Sr. Investigator and Owner of Stealth

Unless you are a representative from a law office or insurance company, calling a private investigator can be quite disturbing, if not embarrassing.

My clients that call as private citizens over a personal matter will probably call a private investigator only once in their lifetime. (we expect) I understand that you don't know what to expect. Television has given many of us insight but not in the best of ways. My clients are sometimes embarrassed or have someone call on their behalf. WE UNDERSTAND. You will find that there are few things we have not heard and little will shock us. I have dealt with so much in police work, my personal life and obviously in the pi field, opened my world dramatically.

You don't have to provide your name if that makes you uncomfortable. We will not push or be concerned.

The investigator will generally guide you along and as you talk you will become comfortable. Remember your conversation is bound by privacy laws. We cannot disclose your name to anyone, discuss your case, even to a police officer. The privileges are similiar to that of a lawyer. I cannot discuss your name or case. Even on surveillance if a police officer questions why I am on a street, I am only required to identify myself using the identification provided by the Ministry of Corrections.

We are not your judge. Our world is black and white, but with a huge blend of gray. We will explain the options to you on the phone or in person if you wish. I encourage clients who are uncomfortable to bring a friend if a meeting is arranged. Have a friend call on your behalf if you wish. I try to arrange all my meetings around a coffee shop or place you would be comfortable in. It can be your home if possible. We do not dress in any way that would identify us a investigators. Please ask for the investigators identification if you wish. Business cards are not great, as there are unlicensed investigators out there. The card is blue in colour similiar to that of your Ontario driver's license. Unlicensed investigators are being cracked down on, which is now a serious offence for which they will be arrested and/or charged. (called free-lancing)

  • Calling a private investigator is more common than you would ever imagine. Most never tell even their good friends they have called in a P.I.
  • I ask you to be comfortable and know that we understand.
  • Express your concerns and worries.
  • You can deal with a private investigator, undertake an investigation and never even meet him/her. If this is what you want, we can accommodate.
  • Expect that a contract will be written up outlining the investigation and costs.
  • You will be updated regularly and this should be written in the contract.
  • Expect to provide a retainer. The retainer is dependent on the work involved.
  • An investigative report will be prepared at the end of the investigation which will include photographs and any video burnt to a DVD.
  • A final billing will be presented outlining in detail all field time, expenditures, disbursements, etc.
  • As hard as it is to accept sometimes, not all cases are solved. Stealth will certainly keep you posted if the case is heading in a different direction. Some cases must be re-evaluated to ensure a better result.