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Wouldn't you want to know your friends, family, employees are safe? Overwatch helps bring you peace of mind!

Tracking devices can be placed in a number of things from back packs and purses, to bikes or inside vehicles.

In case of an emergency you will always know exactly where your people are.
All information is stored in a secure underground bombproof bunker; completely safe and secure. You will also be provided with your own personal sign in and password.

24/7 Tech support

Peter Moore Sr.Investigator, 20 year police veteran and 10 year as a PI conducted months of testing in the far north of Canada to ensure that the equipment actually tracked. Even without a signal we were able to work with a local municipality, in northern Ontario, to test on their company vehicles. It was successfully watched by the manufacturers of this GPS who were interested to see the results. This was the selling feature for Peter Moore and his associates. For about a penny a day it will provide you 'peace of mind.'