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General Investigative Services

Stealth Investigations, through the diversified experience and training of Owner and Operator Peter J. Moore, can confidently provide you with high-end investigating and professional reporting. Information acquired will be provided to the client in professional packages including bound written reports generally with photos contained, DVD and VHS reproductions of all surveillance and incriminating or required video footage.(video and still photo) Part of our package, professional courtroom testimony when required.
  1. Domestic Issues:
    Infidelity or concerns thereof. (Mr. Moore has successfully acquired video and still photographs proving a cheating spouse, or partner.) AS PART OF THE DOMESTIC ISSUES, SURVEILLANCE CAN BE USED FOR A VARIETY OF SITUATIONS; Peter Moore has been trained in the standard approaches, such as foot, car, and of course the technology so standard in tracking through Global Positioning Systems. (G.P.S.) The investigator can track a moving vehicle with precision, assisting in lowering the cost of investigations through solo-surveillance. This must be backed up by at a trained investigator collecting evidence. Not always knowing where a person goes, proves an accusation. (This option needs to be discussed with the investigator as there are pros and cons with some new technology.)

  2. WSIB, Fraud, Internal Theft Investigations:
    Using standard investigative, combined with technical advances and creative approaches, Stealth investigations will make every effort to ascertain whether a worker is feigning sickness or injury. As a police detective, Peter is comfortable in the investigation of internal theft, frauds of all types and is proficient in the use of statement analysis tools to determine a percentile of truthfulness in a statement.

  3. Abuse Investigations
    by a Babysitter or Caregiver/ Elder abuse. Mr. Moore has been successful in bringing about arrests in this area and will discuss options and solutions to this disturbing crisis. (combining proven law enforcement techniques and the new wireless world of C.C.T.V. makes the investigative stages quick, safe, usually providing evidence that is undeniable.)

  4. Extensive Background Checks
    On those seeking employment or for other legal purposes.
    high end corporate verifications
    relationship-online dating verifications.
    Click here for more info

  5. Trained Statement Taker (Professional Interviewing)
    Peter Moore has assisted lawyers and courts in determining the truth. This can also lessen the load of our lawyers who run such tight schedules. They can be relieved that their case is being assisted by a former police detective where statement taking was an integral part of his duties. Even re-interviewing police witnesses to determine the truthfulness of a subjects statement or as part of the disclosure process.

  6. Location of Missing Persons:
    Dead-beat family supporters, location of people for a variety of reasons, whether criminal, civil, or family issues. Certainly this is not an exact science as law enforcement agencies with all their resources and high end technology, search for persons worldwide and still remain empty-handed. Peter Moore has net-worked while in policing through Canada and the F.B.I. Fleeing Fugitive Squad out of Washington while dealing with the R.C.M.P agency entitled, "Missing and Exploited Children. Stealth Investigations will do all within their means, but it is only responsible of us to advise that certain cases may be better left with the originating agency or investigator. Your free consultation will allow an open discussion and decision.

    Serving the legal community or those involved in civil suits and need assistance in locating the subject to be served.

  8. Affidavits and Commissioner of Oaths:
    Affidavits prepared and can be sworn to in office or brought to you. Mr. Moore will also accept your prepared affidavits and have them legally sworn.

    This is considered a world-wide service and will only be discussed on a case by case basis. (Please see the profile on the Tactical Manager, Mr. Sandy LUPO.

  10. Federal C.G.S.B. Instructor:
    Affiliated to the Center for Security Training and Management

  11. Security sweeps:
    Security sweeps of meeting rooms or areas, in which discussions are confidential or highly classified, can be implemented before the meetings commence. - see "
    Special Services" for more information

  12. Cold Case Review:

  13. Internal theft and asset recovery investigations:

    Stealth investigators will assess each particular problem individually and confidentially. A security audit will be performed by Owner/Sr. Investigator Peter J. Moore. Peter will determine (hidden) camera positions, allowing the specific problem to be resolved in a quick, concise fashion. The client will have confidential access to view the surveillance investigation through their smart phone or personal computer.

    Stealth will monitor from a separate location until resolved. Upon resolution, Stealth will provide a full package suitable for police, court, or employment board forums if necessary. The final decision always rests with the client whom will receive our advice on closure. (police involvement is up to the client) Many of our clients rather have their employee terminated with cause, ensuring that an air tight investigation is in their possession in the event of a backlash by the dismissed employee. It is difficult to refute video evidence of theft, time fraud, drug activity, mischief to property and other illegal activities. High quality systems are used. When the security system have been setup it may be purchased by the client to remain in place if so desired, sometimes this is more economical. Many insurance companies recognize this and will provide a rebate in your yearly premiums. Stealth has many satisfied clients.

    We enjoy assisting the corner variety store, or large corporation with these disturbing issues. We can also make use of an undercover private investigator who is integrated into a facility. The investigator will make use of technology available to capture the events. Please call for a consultation.

    New Investigative Services

  14. Social Media
    Stealth Investigations has developed and continues to train a team of social media personnel. A local law firm will be promoting a blog shortly to discuss how we can help you in criminal cases, both defense and prosecution, civil cases, family law and background checks to a determine many factors-dating, child associates, your presence on the web. Through the elaborate programs, engineers and their associates, Stealth Investigations can provide you with important facts before making decisions or to help validate potential decisions.

  15. Remote Surveillance
    With the ever changing world of surveillance, particularly in the technical end, any investigator who is not using the new devices; adapting the devices for almost any situation, combined with standard methods, tried and true will not be as effective in the field and certainly at the cost of a client. Surveillance is expensive but when the solution results in a the gathering of needed video graphic, photographic footage, results are expected. Of course results can never be guaranteed but Stealth is working hard to ensure that all techniques are optimized by upgrading, therefore minimizing costs to our clients. Results with fiscal responsibility is absolutely paramount. At Stealth we will take on more difficult cases as we use the technology along with our years of surveillance experience.

  16. Data Recovery
    Stealth investigations is now capable providig you the greatest opporutnity for reovery of deleted data. working cooperatively with experts. reconginzed by the marines, homeland secuirty and other high end intelligence agencies. Experts assisted in assisting in recovery after 911. If there are deleted or lost items on your harddrives, phones, etc, stealth working in a manner that maintains the chain of evidence, allowing court room presentation, if required, will provide you with the best opporutnity to attempt recovery. Tried and true we recently had a case where the cell phone was the primary source of data to assist an accused party. it was alleged that a subject close to our client deleted the messages from the phone. Text messages, pictures , emails etc., sent from antoher phone. Reovery was under a week allowing stealth investigations to find data through 21,000 pages of deleted messages. No recovery: no charge to the client other than an administgration fee for investigative time at stealth. (negotiable)

    • The device is provided to sr investigator owner, peter moore
    • A courier or personal drop off is arranged through our associate.
    • Within a day or more depenidng on the type of unit, stealth will advise the client whether the request is possible and a quote is provided.
    • All data along with the device is returned in a shielded magnetic proof package.
    • A thumbdrive or bigger will contain all the data needed. a mirror image is produced and kept for 30 days as a back up.
    • A static free, clean room is utilzied for all data recovery.